14 January 2010

Ways to help

Doctors Without Borders
The Salvation Army has Paypal enabled donations, and also has a text system set up to take your donations through your cell phone bill. Please check their website for exact numbers.
Please do something to help.
The destruction is unfathomable.


Pray, pray, pray for Haiti. Then search for ways to donate and help. Make sure they are legitimate so your money and resources go to people in need. Then pray again...

02 January 2010

Resolutions Part Une

Pictorial rundown of what I'm feeding my brain for January...

Good Night Sweet Prince...

Thankfully BBC America has at last heard American voices and aired a hugely popular show in a timely manner(Thanks, BeebA!).
Just finished watching the final David Tennant Doctor Who incarnation. It had its moments...great Wilf moments, great Doctor moments, great worst. rescue. ever. moments. I am off tomorrow to find a cactus for the windowsill.
I did love the wrap ups of all the aliens and characters we have loved, though since I was watching with the kids, I should have known to turn it for the Jack Harkness, Man Tart of the Universe scene. Not like they didn't know what was going to happen, and it was mild by Man Tart standards, but I've never let them watch Torchwood because it is pretty in your face with the whole homosexual normalization. I guess because they are dealing with aliens, they take a little liberty, I'm just sayin'... Anyway, all in all, I laughed and I cried, I looked back with fondness, and looked forward with trepidation. I suppose all of us who LOVE David Tennant will have a predisposition to dislike this "New" Doctor, but as I watched the trailer for the upcoming season, I saw some things that made me very optimistic...I hadn't given much thought to it, strangely, but, DUH, with Stephen Moffat at the helm, the chances are great that there will be some AMAZING episodes.
"Blink" is probably my all-time favorite Doctor Who Episode, followed closely by "The Empty Child" and "The Doctor Dances". In fact when I look back over the episodes that have really stayed with me, they are overwhelmingly Stephen Moffat episodes. I would say that this is a good sign! Plus, watching Matt Smith in the last few seconds of the episode that just aired, I think it would be a great idea to give him some time to relax into the task and feel at home in The Doctor's coat. I won't judge anything for the first few episodes, I'll just sit back and see what comes out of it. In the mean time, I will leaf through my DVD collections and relive all the old times. Revisit the friends I've made over the last 5 years or so, ever since Christopher Eccleston brought the Doctor back to life. I do believe I will miss the tenth incarnation a little more than the rest... Good times....