31 July 2009


You can have your TGIF. For a person who is a**-backwards like I tend to be, I'll take DGIF. The "D" stands for "Dear", just in case you were trying to insert your own adjective. I am fortunate enough to be a non-working person during most of the week, only to be confronted with two hideously long shifts on the weekend. Now, I still know that I am fortunate beyond my wildest dreams, but I tend to forget that on Friday afternoons. So, for my own personal enjoyment and succor, I have decided to institute a Feel Good Fridays segment on my blog thing. I will post anything that makes me happy and helps me crack a grin before I head back in to the world of non-poverty. Because I like the paycheck, but I would rather they just GAVE it to me. Stay Tuned...

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