22 September 2010

My dreams... almost real...

I am pretty sure I have posted before about this incredible artist. In fact, if I haven't, then I will need to be severely reprimanded. So much of the way I view life and what is beautiful has been influenced by the art of Carl Larsson. His gentle way of looking at everything, the colors he used and the beauty of faces and places he captured forever, have always seemed to me to be close to perfect. I want to just disappear into those pictures...those scenes of his everyday life that are filled with so much happiness and freedom! The rooms are simple but lovingly decorated with small touches of color and flowers and little trinkets that show you that this was a family that cared for each other and their home. They sought out beautiful places to play and carry out their necessary activities. If I could step into any pieces of art, they would be these...I love looking at them and finding ways to bring that beauty into my life, and the lives of my family. I never am quite satisfied, but that is ok, because that failure keeps me always trying...

images from the Carl Larsson website (signature) and a general image search pulled up the print entitled, Crayfishing by Carl Larsson, watercolor, 1897

17 September 2010

6 x 6 Scripture Book- Close to My Heart

A notice on the Close To My Heart Bulletin Board got me thinking about joining the 6 by 6 Scripture Swap, and I was curious about how exactly one went about making a 6 by 6 Scripture page. After looking at a few other blogs I decided to try my hand at one of the books myself to give as a gift. I look forward to seeing how my sweet Mom-in-law likes this book, but I will probably leave out that part about not being able to afford to buy her any gift after two CTMH orders so far this month... Still, I think this is prettier than anything I could have picked up, and I learned that embossing is fun (!) and that 6 by 6 Scripture Swaps might be nice to join! I only used about 1/2 of a Level 2 Paper Pack, I chose Grace, and I used some of the matching Stickease and the Childhood Portrait My Acrylix stamp set. All together I figure it took about 3 or 4 hours to make. Not too bad for a gift! I also used some of the pearls from one of our Connections Club sets from last year. I used Cocoa ink to distress all the edges, found a color similar to Barn Red on my printer and OH, I added some of the honey cardstock, which didn't come in the Level 2 kit, I don't think, but I pulled it from my stash. I used probably 3/4's of a sheet in all. I totally adore this stampset, and I think it embossed really nicely, though I need to put in some practice to get it just right, these are my first embossed images, and I used Versamark ink pad with the Cocoa embossing powder. The ribbons are just some from my stash...not sure of the brand, but I think I got them at a local SB store. It was a fun project, and if I could get a few folks together I would love to offer it as a workshop! We shall see! I think it would make a nice Christmas gift. I chose Scriptures that all had to do with Thankfulness, but you could search under any topic and find similar verses to meet your needs. Thanks for looking! I am making a change to my blog, and putting up more of my crafty-type stuff, so stay tuned!

08 September 2010

Christmas in September...

Well, here it comes. Now begins that time of year that seems to start with a yawn and stretch and then quickly steamrolls us right to the end of the year. I read in interesting thought on a wonderful little blog Posie Gets Cozy about the old year folding itself up and touching corners and I think of her and her fam every time I fold a sheet or blanket or towel. Some things just get kind of stuck in your head! You should definitely check her blog out. It is a sweet treat! I am busy playing around with paper and making cards. The idea for this card came from all the latest trends on other people's blogs, like the adorableness of making pleated paper"ribbon", and the pleated paper rosettes. I have always loved paper and have very fond memories of getting ready for back to school because it meant new paper, crayons, and glue. I think some things really never do change! The UPS man makes me so happy when he shows up with my new Close To My Heart goodies! Gotta love 'em! Here's my pretty little ruffly Christmas card. I like the way it turned out but I still haven't perfected the art of sewing on paper. My machine sometimes makes mincemeat out of it, so I suppose I will have to go buy one of those little el-cheapo paper stitching machines. Probably save the wear and tear on my Brother anyway!