21 August 2009

The Four Sisters

Ahhh, the pitter patter of little kitty feet! Allow me to introduce the new foster kitties at my house: from left to right we have Pippa, Alice, Bella, and Gemma. They will spend the next few weeks being pampered and played with at la mia bella casa. We have a large hall bath that will serve as the Cat Cave. We did this last summer as well for our local animal shelter. I think there comes a time during the summer months where the cat population explodes and all of the local shelters are full to bursting. Last year we took a mother cat and her 5 kittens from the age of 2 weeks until 8 weeks. Of course, by the time we were done, we were over our kitten phase, but now it is time to do it again! And boy, were we ready! I have been scouting PetFinder and Craigslist for weeks now. Finally, we have our own little fluffballs to spoil. I have a sneaking suspicion that one or more of these girls might be permanent residents, but we will see how it goes. I think they are lovely, and they are certainly sweet. They get thrice daily eye treatments, which is one of the things to consider before fostering. They need four times as much care and attention as adopting one kitten, but they are also 4 times the fun and hilarity! It's always an adventure to have animals around, and fostering is a way to help out your local shelter, local strays, and local prospective adoptive families. It is always nice to adopt a kitten knowing a little about it's personality, background, likes and dislikes, and that it has been socialized into a home environment. Sooooo, if you have the patience, space, and time, consider fostering for a local shelter or rescue organization. You will get more out of it than you put into it, most definitely! OK, here's one more!

Gemma 6 weeks

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Justine said...

Oooooh! Kitties! :)

Hope you are enduring work and getting plenty of "kitten therapy" when you get home. - Justine