11 September 2009


What a somber day. I know many people started the day with silence, raising their flags, talking about where they were when it happened. My thoughts are with all of those who lost loved ones on that day, all of those who were forever changed by their service in that time of need. The first responders, the bystanders who risked all to help others. It changed most Americans. It made people think, it made them worry, it made them thankful, it made them wake up. I don't have a lot to say other than that. It feels like a quiet remembrance to me. One you can't talk too much about, you sort of have to feel it. (forgive the Jurassic Park reference, but it applies here.) I did have one small thing to call attention to on this day of reflection. It will change my web browsing habits forever...
Here is what happened today when I "googled" a recipe.

And here is the background image from Bing.com.

I think that about says it all...


Justine said...

9/11 is a scary day to even be out and about in my neck of the country. The whole week security is quadruppled. They try and keep the guys with machine guns on the roof out of site, but it's kind of hard to miss!

We had a display in the lobby with photos of many who who had been lost and a list of names.

The mega corporation I work for lost staff in New York and Oklahoma City.

onemockingbirdhill said...

We vacationed in Crystal City right after 9/11, and I remember feeling safe, but then, not quite so safe, while making our way around town. The guys with guns and the camo net covered armed vehicles under every overpass kind of freaked me out a little. And you might miss them if you weren't paying attention, but once you catch sight of one, you are definitely paying attention! Then you start seeing them everywhere! I'm sure it was an event in your neck of the woods!