29 September 2009

Up Against the Wall

Because sometimes you just feel better after a good cry...


Justine said...

Thanks OMBH.

Hope nobody has gone to code on you today. That's a tough spot to be in.

Somebody has to take on the tough task of "being there" on duty. I'm glad you were there to keep the watch.

Wish I knew a nice way to help you shake it off and get you in a good mood.

I learned from my experience with mom that Love means you make the tough decisions.

With you Love of your profession and humankind means you wind up on the front line.

Good job ma'am!

Justine said...

Take it easy and get over that awful buggy-wuggy. Being down sick makes you feel like you've been on a journey out-of-time. If you don't go to work, do your usual drudgery, or keep with the routine, it makes you feel a bit odd.

Don't worry there are still some good blimps left to crash when you feel up to it!