03 September 2009

Fab Fall

Ok , it is likely no secret to anyone that I LOVE this time of year. I know "officially" it is still summer, but I am not fooled by officialness. I can feel it. I can smell it. Fall is waiting in the wings. And I am feeling all thrilled. Do not panic. This is a normal transition for me. I don't mind any season while it is here. I tend to find ways to enjoy anything, but something about the first cool days of Autumn just send me round the bend. We have had a treat the last three or four days, with mornings that feel like October, so I think I have been hit by my "fever" a little early, but whatever the cause, I am lovin' it. So, I have spent hours over the last two days searching my favorite crafty sites on the interweb and have come across some FABulous fall blog candy.
Here is one I am particularly excited about! If I could have my choice,
I would pick this:

Olde Cape Primitives has been on my favorites list on
eBay for a couple of years now, and I am always trying
to duplicate her treasures, since there is no way I can
afford to buy one! They are quite popular!

I know the odds are slim, but I believe it is possible!
When Fall is in the air, and I feel like this, it is easy to
believe in anything!

Another awesome giveaway can be found here. Also a favorite eBay seller, Cart Before the Horse are spectacular artists! Very quirky and unusual dolls and quilts. Right up my alley!
These are not the blog candy giveaway, just a representation of what lovely dolls they make! The cat face is actually a mask that the doll wears! How cute it that??!??

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