02 September 2009

Blueberry Crumb Cake in Smell-O-Vision

In anticipation of having co. for dinner, and in anticipation of fall, when my baking hits "constant" on my activity meter, I decided to hijack my breakfast blueberries and make something that for all intents and purposes, should be yummy. I found it on a foodies blog, and will post the details this evening, after my dinner is done. I don't know why I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off (does that bring back memories, or what??) the co. in question actually grew up in my presence and knows I am a packrat slob, but I have been cleaning all day. I am worried about my cooking too, but it is my son, and he thinks everything I make is spanking anyway! If I make burgers...Spanking! If I bake cookies...Spanking! If I open the pickle jar...Spanking! No one cooks like MOM! Anyway, the Blueberry Crumb Cake is covered with this lovely crumbly mixture, hence the name, and smells out of this world, which is why I tried, in vain, I might add, to post it is Smell-O-Vision. I think I need to read up on it some more, though it might be working, as I CAN smell it here. You'll just have to let me know...

blueberries...meet cinnamon crumbly topping
"How do you do, crumbly topping? You look sexy in white!"
"Merci beaucoup! I'm feeling a little spicy!"

I substituted half of the white flour with whole wheat in both the cake and the crumbly topping mixture, and since I had no freshly grated nutmeg (shhhh...don't tell Martha Stewart!) I tossed in a little ginger, though just a very little, because I have ABSOLUTELY no confidence in my ability to substitute ingredients. I'm like, well, ginger is a spice used in baking as well, so let's roll with it.
"Bring on the heat! We can take it!" -the blueberries

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