02 September 2009

Dessert and the Doctor

My Blueberry Crumb Cake turned out pretty darned well. Freshly ground nutmeg or no, it was a little dry on the cake part, but otherwise, was perfect! The blueberries were nice and plump, the crumbles were nice and crumbly and just-right spiced. I imagine the slight dryness would have been well compensated for my adding some sweetened whipped cream, or vanilla bean ice cream. I haven't mastered the art of cooking with whole wheat flour, but I hope to eventually perfect it, since it is so much more interesting than white flour. Dinner itself went nicely and the kids all had a blast, which is what happens when you get three completely bonkers siblings together. Sometimes I can't believe I am really responsible for that much goofiness. We ate, we drank and we laughed until we cried and our stomachs were killing us. Then we settled into a nice, dark living room around the gentle glow of our HDTV for a dose of The Doctor. Doctor who, you might ask. Well, yes, actually, that is the one. We pulled out the ole DVD box set and watched "Tooth and Claw" from Series Two. I love this one, not only because it has a great werewolf, and the awesomely sexy David Tennant, but it is the episode which gives insight into the foundations of Torchwood, and manages to get us all thinking that the British Royal Family may possibly be, or not be, werewolves. It does NOT get much better than this, folks. I sliced up the Blueberry Crumb Cake about halfway through, and we all enjoyed dessert and The Doctor together. Ah, family. When you can gather round with your crew and have fruity cake and commune over superb entertainment brought to you by the Beeb , how can anything get you down? One glance around the room gave me the warm fuzzies, and they are still kind of squirming around in there.
You will find the Blueberry Crumb Cake recipe at this lovely site.
Like I said in my previous post, I substituted half of the flour in both the cake and crumb topping with whole wheat flour. I halved the recipe overall and baked it in a square 8x8 glass dish. It was perfect for one serving for everyone of us (6), with three slices left over.
Funny, but that will be JUST RIGHT for breakfast in the morning!
I'm going to look into taking out some of the butter and adding something like apple puree or something similar. Why look, we will be on a journey together, gentle reader! Yay! It will be much more fun that way, as I stumble through the adventure of healthy baking! I have been steering clear of anything sweet for so long! Ok, let us NOT bring up the graham crackers. I love to bake in the fall and winter, and instead of giving up on it completely, which, let's face it, would suck, I will attempt to learn how to make things which are tasty and healthy (at least somewhat healthy). This will make my kids happy, as they will get more than just fruit for desserts and snacks, and it will fill my "must bake" days, which are those days that are cool and crisp and just beg me to pull out my Martha Stewart fall decorating magazines and rearrange my non-Martha furniture in various ways to try to make it feel better about itself. Then, I move to the recipe sections and feel that I have way too few kitchen gadgets. Why DON'T I own a cherry and olive pitter? How can one offset spatula possibly be sufficient? These are the questions I ask myself...

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